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Quantum Fluids of Light

Quantum Fluids of Light group
Dr. Julian Schmitt
Optical quantum gases
Photon condensation in tailored landscapes: From harmonic traps to lattice, ring and box potentials
Emergent phenomena
Complex systems made of light
Quantum Fluids of Light group
Optical quantum gases
Emergent phenomena

Join us

We are very happy to welcome new group members! You can learn more about our work on the research page.

We are always looking for Bachelor and Master students. 

If you are interested or have further questions, please contact Julian.

PhD students

There are currently no job openings. If you are interested to learn about future opportunities, contact us. In our team, you will acquire a broad skill set from experimental and theoretical quantum optics, coding, data analysis, electrical and mechanical engineering,  and soft skills as presentations at international workshops.

Undergraduate research internships

We offer research projects for undergraduate students within the Undergraduate Research Internship Program of the Cluster of Excellence "Matter and Light for Quantum Computing" (ML4Q). It gives an opportunity of hands-on experience in scientific work and encourages interns to take part in seminars and events at the host institute as well as other cluster sites. The ML4Q Research School provides financial support and assistance in administrative issues. Interested students can apply once a year and join us for a 12-week internship. Call for applications for Summer 2023 is closed.

For more information about the program and application procedure, please see the ML4Q website:

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