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Quantum Fluids of Light

Quantum Fluids of Light group
Dr. Julian Schmitt
Optical quantum gases
Photon condensation in tailored landscapes: From harmonic traps to lattice, ring and box potentials
Emergent phenomena
Complex systems made of light
Quantum Fluids of Light group
Optical quantum gases
Emergent phenomena

We are a young and dynamic research group at the Institute of Applied Physics at the University of Bonn.

Our group explores quantum fluids of light to study emergent many-body phenomena, such as superfluidity or turbulence. Quantum fluids of light can be experimentally realized within microscopic optical cavities, where the photons are trapped in intricate lattice or box potentials. With this experimental platform, we investigate novel topological physics, the interplay of quantum effects and dissipation, and quantum communication. Unravelling such open questions is at the forefront of today’s research in quantum physics and may lead to new applications for future quantum technologies.

To learn more about our research you can take a look at our previous publications. You can also contact us directly with any questions.

We are always looking for Bachelor and Master students, and offer research projects within the Undergraduate Research Internship Program of the Cluster of Excellence "Matter and Light for Quantum Computing" (ML4Q). More details can be found here.

Several PhD positions available! For further information, please see:
https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/jobs/846807 and https://www.quantiki.org/position/2-phd-positions-experiment-university-bonn-germany

Latest news

Turbulence in a 2D ultracold quantum gas: New paper!

We have measured the emergence of turbulence and its dynamic scaling using a quantum gas of ultracold atoms. Read it here.

Julian awarded ERC Starting Grant for his project "TopoGrand"!

In his ERC Starting Grant "Non Hermitian Topological Physics in Grand Canonical Photon Lattices", Julian and his team will develop a strategy with which new and topologically protected quantum states can be generated and observed in open systems.

Compressibility of an optical quantum gas in a box: Publication out in Science!

We have created a gas of photons that can be extremely compressed, confirming the predictions of quantum theory. The findings could also point the way to new types of sensors that can measure minute forces. The study is published in the journal Science.

New preprint: Fluctuation-dissipation relation in a photon BEC

We have observed a fluctuation-dissipation relation in a photon Bose-Einstein condensate coupled to a particle reservoir. Read our preprint on the arXiv!


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