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Quantum Fluids of Light

04. November 2022

Turbulence in a 2D quantum gas: New paper in PRL! Turbulence in a 2D ultracold quantum gas: New paper!

We have measured the emergence of turbulence and its dynamic scaling using a quantum gas of ultracold atoms. Read it here.

Emergence of turbulence in a 2D gas
Emergence of turbulence in a 2D gas © Julian Schmitt / U Bonn
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We realise a turbulent cascade of wave excitations in a homogeneous 2D Bose gas, and probe on all relevant time and length scales how it builds up from small to large momenta, until the system reaches a steady state with matching energy injection and dissipation. This all-scales view directly reveals the two theoretically expected cornerstones of turbulence formation – the emergence of statistical momentum-space isotropy under anisotropic forcing, and the spatiotemporal scaling of the momentum distribution at times before any energy is dissipated.

The manuscript can be read here

The findings are also discussed in a broader context as a Synopsis in physics:

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